5 in 1 multifunctional monitor stands

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easydex™ workstations

Let's talk about the features...

1. Ergonomic Monitor Stand with different height options to promote optimal posture and relieve neck and back pain from slouching.

2. Multiple USB Ports on each side of the EasyDex™ Workstation which are strategically positioned to manage cable clutter and tangles.

3. Wireless Charging Pad built into the top layer of the EasyDex™ which utilizes Qi-wireless technology that is compatible with Smartphones and Headphones. Yes, that means your Airpods!

4. Built in Storage Compartments integrated into the design of each EasyDex™ with options of Single-Tier, Two-Tier, and Pullout Drawers which makes organization easier than ever.

5. Data-Transmission Functionality is enabled once you connect a main device to the EasyDex™ which is connected by the USB-C cable into your device. If your device isn't compatible with USB-C, adapters work! Any other device connected into the USB 3.0 side ports will transmit data to the main device. All cables are included.

Choose your workstation

EasyDex™ Pro

The EasyDex™ Pro includes two pullout drawers in addition to underneath storage space and is perfect for mounting a single monitor or laptop on. This model comes with 4 USB hubs, a wireless Smartphone + Bluetooth Headphone Charger, and is capable of data-transmission between connected devices.

easydex™ elite

If you are looking for more storage space and increased elevation to mount your monitor or laptop on, the Elite might be perfect for you. It doesn't take up much room on your desk, but it has double the amount of storage capacity and includes 4 USB charging and data-transfer hubs in addition to the wireless Smartphone and Bluetooth Headphone charger.

easydex™ executive

The EasyDex™ Executive includes a single-tier storage, but it has an extended frame, capable of mounting up to two 27" monitors. It provides a clean and professional look that will have you loving your workspace. For those of you that use many devices that need charging, this model includes a total of 8 USB hubs (4 on each side) that charge and transmit data between devices.

easydex™ command center

Now for the ultimate office game changer. Introducing the Command Center. Featuring extended, two-tier storage with 8 USB hubs, a wireless Smartphone + Bluetooth Headphone Charging Pad, and data-transmission capabilities. If you want to completely optimize your workspace and transform it into an area that you love and appreciate, the Command Center will do nothing less.

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Our mission. To bring remarkable and stunning technology to everyone that values working in an environment they love. Your satisfaction is our passion. Delivering products that are unknown to the average person; multifunctional and solution based equipment that enables you to optimize your workspace.

Founded in 2019

Our Story

Due to the pandemic, many of us were forced to WFH and create a temporary workspace. These "temporary" areas turned into permanent ones for many of us.

Through the reoccurring experience of beginning your day at a messy desk, tangled cords, your neck was sore, and you simply had a boring workspace, the idea to create multifunctional and aesthetic office equipment seemed more and more practical.

Offidex was started in 2019 and has been to optimizing workspaces ever since.

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